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10th Panhellenic Conference Agrotica


Systemic approaches for the regeneration of agriculture and rural areas.

February 3 - 4, 2024

Conference Center "N. Germanos"

The Department of Agriculture – Faculty of Agriculture Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with TIF-HELEXPO, is organizing its landmark conference within the framework of the 30th Agrotica 2024. It will present the fundamental and applied research it produces at the same table with strategic partners, aiming to coordinate the return to a new approach to agriculture.

#Re-thinkingAgriculture means agriculture and management “differently” within the framework of a systemic approach.

The transition from the logic of linear, reductionist science and a “culture of technical control” based on scientific experimentation to create a singular “fix” for the problems of agriculture and rural areas opens the gate to the “systemic perspective.” This means a focus on the relationships between parts and the dynamics of a system, rather than isolated parts themselves. This new systemic perspective on agriculture and rural issues is more crucial than ever for crisis management.

A conference that “differs”!

The Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki could not remain “indifferent” to this new reality, as its interdisciplinary nature aims to interact with the entire ecosystem of Greek agriculture. To address the issue of the recent major disasters, the Department of Agriculture A.U.Th. invites all interested parties to a two-day conference with a broad agenda through interactive sessions and invited speakers from the academic field – professors of the department, researchers from organizations, as well as farmers, agronomists, public sector executives, and market entrepreneurs.

Program Coordinator

Maria Partalidou, Assistant Professor

Scientific Committee, Department of Agriculture, A.U.Th.

Stefanos Koundouras, Professor, Department Chair

Pantazis Georgiou, Professor, Vice-Chair

Evangelia Golia, Assistant Professor

Alexandra Michaelidou, Assistant Professor

Ioannis Giantsis, Assistant Professor

Athanasios Koukounaras, Associate Professor

Vaya Kati, Assistant Professor

Apostolos Kapranas, Assistant Professor

Co-organized by: TIF – HELEXPO & Department of Agriculture, A.U.Th.