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Very high levels of exhibition participations at AGROTICA

The 29th event to be held from 20 to 23 October at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre

One of the largest agricultural sector exhibition events in S.E. Europe, the ‘Agrotica’ International Fair for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Supplies, will be held from 20-23 October 2022 October at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre.

Agrotica has recorded increased interest from exhibitors and hosted buyers, while almost all available exhibition facilities have already been booked.

It is a crucial juncture for the development and modernisation of agricultural holdings, as the new Improvement Plan calls are expected to commence in September.

The most important enterprises and entities of the sector from the entire scope of agricultural entrepreneurship will participate in the Exhibition.

Agrotica hosts tens of thousands of farmers from all over Greece and the broader geographic region, acting as a hub for agricultural technology and innovation.

Agrotica is being held with the support of the Machinery Importers’ – Representatives’ Association (SEAM), the Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery (EKAGEM), and the Associatiation of Fertiliser Producers and Traders (SPEL).

The Fair will be completely safe and held in harmonisation with the epidemiological and health data in effect when it is being held.