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30th Anniversary edition of AGROTICA, one of the largest in the history of the institution

1804 exhibitors from 49 countries and more than 40,500 sq.m. of exhibition space

The great celebration of the agricultural sector is starting in Thessaloniki

The 30th anniversary edition of the ‘AGROTICA’ International Fair for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment & Supplies, with 1804 exhibitors (direct and indirect) from 49 countries, and over 40,500 square meters of exhibition space, is kicking off with the best omens.

This year’s AGROTICA, which is being inaugurated at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre on 1 February and will last until the 4 February, is one of the most important events in the history of the institution and is significantly larger than the corresponding exhibition of 2022, when there were 1677 exhibitors and 38,500 sq.m. of exhibition space. Its size — taking into account current traffic difficulties in Thessaloniki — made necessary the implementation of a special plan that included the provision of four free parking areas on the periphery of the city centre.

This year’s exhibition is an anniversary edition, which will turn into a special event after the opening.

Global new technology from the entire spectrum of agricultural entrepreneurship will be present at its stands, with all sectors of agriculture, products, services, and all productive and commercial machinery, equipment and supplies enterprises represented.

Tens of thousands of visitors from all over Greece and abroad are expected to cross the Fair’s gates, while numerous trade delegations groups are expected from the Balkans and South-eastern Europe.

In particular, this year’s event will welcome 500 Full Hosted Buyers and commercial visitors with group delegations from Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Of the 500 commercial visitors, 37 are individual Full Hosted Buyers from 16 countries (Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Estonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, North Macedonia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, and Lithuania) and the rest are group delegations.

The 30th AGROTICA will take place under the auspices of the Ministries of Rural Development & Food and the Interior (Macedonia-Thrace), and the Region of Central Macedonia, with the support of the Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery (EKAGEM), the Machinery Importers’ – Representatives’ Association (SEAM), and the Association of Fertiliser Producers and Traders (SPEL).

The Fair has attracted the full presence of businesses from the entire spectrum of agricultural production and technology from all over Greece, while participations include the largest companies in the trade and sale of supplies and agricultural machinery, as well as all tractor firms. Participants also include a number of associations, organisations, and institutions, as well as educational institutions, banks, agricultural product control and certification organisations, rural development consulting companies, etc.

This year’s AGROTICA side events programme is also very diverse. The 10th Panhellenic Conference is of great importance, it will be held on 3-4 February at the ‘N. Germanos’ Congress Centre, and it is being organised by the Department of Agriculture of AUTh in partnership with TIF-HELEXPO, highlighting the latest systemic approaches to the rebirth of agriculture and rural areas. TIF-HELEXPO is also co-organising with the Alegre Growshop a colloquium on the cultivation of cannabis on 3 February (Emilios Riadis Hall), while alongside CERTH it will hold an event on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Farming 2.0 on 1 February (pavilion 11, stand 1).

The exhibition’s opening will be held on Thursday, 1 February, at 19:30, at the ‘N. Germanos’ Congress Centre by Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr Eleftherios Avgenakis.

Today’s Press conference

It is an honour for TIF-HELEXPO to be organising the largest exhibition in Greece and one of the most important exhibitions in Europe, noted the President of the exhibition body, Mr Tasos Tzikas, at today’s press conference ahead of the opening of the 30th AGROTICA. Referring to the plan being implemented by the company for the smooth transportation of visitors and exhibitors during the exhibition, he stressed that it is a major wager that must be won.

Farmers will have the opportunity to see an AGROTICA with great variety, with full kiosks and a complete range of exhibits and services, according to TIF-HELEXPO CEO Dr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, who also stressed that the ‘I.Vellidis’ Congress Centre has been transformed into the Fair’s southern gate. He also underlined the significant benefit for the city, both in economic terms and in terms of quality.

EKAGEM is participating in this year’s AGROTICA with 91 member-companies (528 indirect exhibitors) and coverage of 8000 sq.m., according to EKAGEM president, Mr Panagiotis Fotiadis, who noted that he doesn’t even need to wish the organisers good luck, as he is certain it will all go as planned.

In turn, the president of SEAM, Mr Savvas Balouktsis, announced that the Association will participate dynamically this year with 43 members, covering an area of 16,000 square metres, namely, more than a third of the available exhibition space. He also stressed that SEAM is contributing both to the number of exhibitors and to footfall by mobilising its customers.

SPEL, which has always supported AGROTICA, will also make its presence felt, as mentioned by its Vice-President, Mr Panagiotis Kontos, who stressed that the Association is bringing proposals, solutions, and innovative products to support farmers to this year’s exhibition.

General Director of TIF-HELEXPO Alexis Tsaxirlis described AGROTICA as the most internationalised exhibition in Greece and in the broader region, while he presented in detail the company’s plan to relieve traffic congestion in the city during the event, inviting guests to make use of the four free parking areas.

The event’s project manager, Mr Vassilis Spyrou, mentioned the very high demand which unfortunately left some prospective exhibitors out of AGROTICA this year, and he called it one of the most important exhibitions of recent years.

The opening hours of the exhibition on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are from 10:00 to 19:00, and on Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.

The plan for smooth traffic

TIF-HELEXPO in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Traffic Police Directorate, has implemented a coordinated plan for the smooth transportation of visitors and exhibitors of the 30th AGROTICA, in an effort to prevent congestion on the city’s main roads during this major event.

To this end, it will provide exhibition visitors with four free temporary parking areas at different points at the city entrances, which will be open during the four-day duration of AGROTICA (1-4 February), from 09:30 to 21:30, and will operate as transit stations to the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre.

These four areas are located in the Thessaloniki Port Authority (entrance-exit from Gate 11 on 26is Oktovriou Street), at the junction of I. Koletti Street and Palaiou Stathmou Street (opposite the discount shopping centre), in former Karatasiou Military Camp of the municipality Pavlos Melas, and at the Technopolis Incubator in Thermi. Buses leased by TIF-HELEXPO will travel to and from the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre every 30 minutes. The bus reception area will be in front of the TIF-HELEXPO Management Building on Egnatia Street.

Furthermore, special parking areas for exhibitors’ cars have been created in the area around the Exhibition Centre.

TIF-HELEXPO collaborated with the Thessaloniki Traffic Police Directorate in devising this plan, while it also received the invaluable help of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, the Police Directorate of Thessaloniki, the Coast Guard, the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, TPA SA, Technopolis Thessaloniki, Egnatia Odos

SA, Electra Hotels, as well as the parking businesses around the Exhibition Centre, the YMCA and Thessaloniki City Hall.